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Understanding Fundraise Up's payment validation

Fundraise Up and Stripe together provide a multiplying effect, securing your donations against the most common vectors of credit card fraud.

Fundraise Up and Stripe specifically cover different areas of anti-fraud when validating transactions and payment information; Fundraise Up focuses on pre-transaction authentication, and Stripe on post-transaction anti-fraud protections. 

We supply Stripe with data that is more indicative of fraudulent activity in bad actors than, say, a billing address. It's comparatively easy to secure billing address information for a stolen card, so we've found that it isn’t very indicative, and we don't weight it heavily when authenticating.

It is more difficult to fake your IP address, age of IP address, human keystrokes versus robot keystrokes, and so on — this is among that data that Stripe trusts us to send to screen transactions. For example, if a donor is visiting one country with a card with another country's billing address, Stripe already knows if that card has been used in other places in the visited country — therefore making their donation to your organization “likely and safe”.