Understanding the Supporter P2P experience

When your site visitors start and run P2P fundraisers on your behalf, they get friendly updates on their progress, and access to the tools to keep the gifts coming!


Starting a P2P Fundraiser from your website

Filling in their P2P Fundraiser info

Everyone is asked the same questions when starting a fundraiser!

They'll first be prompted for their desired fundraiser info (goal, end date, personal message) and then some contact information (optional profile photo, first name, last name, email address).

Once they click Start Fundraising on the contact info portion, their P2P Fundraiser will be ready to use!

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 12.10.09 PM

Option 1: P2P Button Element

If you've added an embeddable P2P Button Element to your website, visitors will be able to click that button, which will pop up the form to start a P2P Fundraiser on behalf of whichever Campaign you've associated with that Element. 

Option 2: P2P Link Element

If you've created a P2P Link Element, our dashboard will provide you a web address for that P2P Link that you can share to send people right to your website to make fundraisers. 

  • If opened from outside your website, the P2P Link will:
    • redirect the visitor to the URL you provided when setting up the P2P Link Element,
    • and then automatically open the "Start Your Fundraiser" form when they arrive.
  • If opened from any page on your website, the P2P Link will just open the "Start Your Fundraiser" popup right where they are!


Managing P2P Fundraisers as a Supporter


Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 5.46.59 AMIf a Supporter creates their own P2P Fundraiser, the success screen will provide a link they can provide anyone looking to give, social media buttons to help them share their fundraiser link out, and notification that they received an email with the same link + buttons.

Via Email

Whether a Supporter started a P2P Fundraiser from your website or you started one on their behalf from the Dashboard, they will receive an email confirmation with the following:

  • The URL they can distribute so that people can donate to their P2P Fundraiser 
  • A clickable button that'll take them to manage that P2P Fundraiser in their Donor Portal. 

Within Donor Portal

Each P2P Fundraiser's page in the Donor Portal will show the following:

  • The details of the fundraiser,
  • A sharing pane, which will provide them the direct link for donors and options to share to social media networks,
  • A map of all donations received to date,
  • A goal meter, with visually distinct sections to represent each contribution,
  • A list of all donations received to date, filterable to Top Donations or Recent Donations, showing name (unless donor requested to be anonymous), amount, date, comment, and location for each donation.

On the main page of the Supporter's Donor Portal, they'll see a list of all their Fundraisers, with each Fundraiser showing its goal meter and a link to its page. 


Receiving email notifications of your P2P Fundraiser's progress

In each Campaign's Email tab, you as an admin can manage which P2P Fundraiser-related emails your Supporters receive - the content is editable, and the emails themselves can be turned on or off. They are all on by default. 

A Supporter running a P2P Fundraiser can receive email notifications of the following:

  • New fundraiser
  • Donation with fundraiser received
  • Fundraiser goal reached


Donating to a P2P Fundraiser

While it is active

Visitors to the direct link for a P2P Fundraiser will be taken to the URL set in its Campaign's P2P tab, and donation checkout will automatically open on that page.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 11.44.45 AM

The donation checkout will automatically show the Ask page, showcasing the P2P Fundraiser's personal message, image, and goal.

It will also display the Display Name of the Campaign that P2P Fundraiser corresponds to, as set in the Campaign's P2P tab.  

While P2P Fundraisers do automatically have a goal date, they can still accept donations after that point. Supporters can log into donor portal and adjust their goal date and amount if they want to set a different target.

If paused

If you as an administrator have paused a P2P Fundraiser, Visitors to the direct link for that P2P Fundraiser will still be directed to checkout - it'll just be the default behavior for the Campaign that P2P Fundraiser was associated with!