Understanding Fundraise Up's accessibility features

Every donor has accessibility needs, but certain modes of access have been historically privileged. Fundraise Up maintains WCAG 2.1 (Level AA) compliance to help level that divide and provide equal access to donors of all experiences.

Core criteria of WCAG

The Fundraise Up donation checkout attempts to account for as many modes of access as possible by:

  • ensuring access to all functionality for keyboard-only visitors,
  • not building in keyboard traps (areas that can be tabbed into with a keyboard but not tabbed out of),
  • ensuring a sufficient contrast ratio for visitors with visibility concerns,
  • providing a viable experience for users of browser-based or OS-based magnification,
  • properly labelling form elements for visitors using screenreaders,
  • providing readable and understandable content for general navigation,
  • and using sufficient headings structure for general navigation.