Using Fundraise Up on Weebly

This tutorial will teach you how to add Fundraise Up’s Installation Code to a Weebly website, so that you can get an elegant and in-site donation checkout experience!

Adding your Fundraise Up Installation Code to your Weebly site

In the Fundraise Up Dashboard:

Copy the code from the Installation section within your Settings area.

In Weebly's editor:

Go to "Settings" in your Weebly Site Editor and click into "SEO". There, paste your Fundraise Up Installation Code into the Header Code.


This will connect your website with your Fundraise Up account so that all Campaigns and Elements will load appropriately!


Adding Elements to your Weebly website

Our Elements allow you to add buttons, forms, and other dynamic tools to showcase and drive donations for your Campaigns! Some Elements automatically appear once created (Sticky Buttons and Reminders), but some are placed on your site in specific locations by pasting in an HTML code we provide.

For Elements that give you an HTML code:

  • Go to "Build" from the Weebly Site Editor.
  • Under the "Basic" section, click on Embed Code, and drag and drop the code box to a place on your web page.