Using Questions to solicit additional info

Sometimes, you need a donor to tell you something extra. You can use the Questions feature to make specific questions to be asked post-transaction, either while making a donation or while starting a P2P fundraiser.


Making Questions

You can make and manage Questions in the Settings area, specifically by:

  • going to the Fundraise Up dashboard,
  • clicking your name in the top right,
  • clicking Settings from the dropdown,
  • clicking Questions in the left-hand menu.

Once there, you can click the Add question button to add new questions, or click the three-dot menu in each row to edit or delete existing ones.

Questions are configurable via the following fields and options:

  • Question Code: Allows you to provide a unique ID for that question for use with exports
  • Question Type:
    • Input and Text Area will give your donors a free-text field; Text Area gives more space to answer than Input
    • Radio, Dropdown, and Single Checkbox allows your donor to select nothing or only one option from a list of options you define.
    • Multiple Checkbox allows your donor to choose multiple options from a list of options you define.
  • Question Label: Allows you to provide the question as it will be presented to your donors.
  • Make a response required: If checked, this question will require a response before the donor can click Next. 
    • It's worth noting that Questions during donation checkout are always technically after the transaction point (the screen where the donor hit the Donate XX button), to maximize conversion. Requiring a Question answer functions as a soft requirement, preventing the donor from proceeding to the Thank You Screen without answering.
  • The option is selected by default: If checked, will pre-check the box for this question. Only appears if the Question Type is Single Checkbox.

When editing questions, you can change any values except Question Type, as that governs whether options are associated with the question. 

You can only delete questions that have no associated data, but you can always make sure that not-in-use questions are not used on any active campaigns in order to sunset use of a question.

It's also possible to make new Questions from a Campaign tab, but it's worth reviewing the list of available questions first to make sure you don't duplicate historical effort or send data to a new field that isn't mapped anywhere.


Enabling Checkout Questions on a Campaign

To enable Checkout Questions in general on a Campaign, you can:

  • go to the Campaigns tab in the Fundraise Up dashboard,
  • click on the Campaign by name,
  • click on the Checkout tab for that Campaign,
  • click Questions in the left-hand menu.

From there, you can choose whether to check or uncheck the Enable Checkout Questions checkbox.

Checking that box pops down additional options, allowing you to specify which questions you want to ask as part of this Campaign's checkout, or add new questions if your desired question doesn't exist. 

Once you've used the Find or create new question searchbar to add any questions you might need, you can also:

  • use the handle on the left of each question to drag it into the order you'd like,
  • and use the three-button menu for each row to remove them from the available questions for that campaign.

Don't forget to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to make sure your changes are saved and reflected on your website!


Associating Questions with a P2P Element 

Questions can be associated with P2P Button and P2P Link Elements. Once you've done so, any visitors who use those Elements to start P2P Fundraisers in support of your organization will be prompted to answer those Questions during setup.

To do so:

  • go to the Elements tab in your Fundraise Up account,
  • either click on the P2P Button or P2P Link Element you'd like to edit, or make a new one,
  • and click the edit pane for the Element, click the tab labeled Questions.

On that Questions tab when editing an Element you can use the dropdown provided to specify which questions you want to ask as part of this Element's fundraiser setup screens, or add new questions if your desired question doesn't exist.

Once you've added, edited, or removed the Questions you need, you can click Save Changes on the Element edit screen to save your updates. Saved changes will appear for visitors using that Element within a minute or so.


Working with Checkout Questions responses

Your donors' Checkout Questions responses are currently available for review on Donation pages, in Donation exports, and via CRM Integrations. 

Donation records

When you access a donation (either an installment in a recurring plan or a standalone donation), you can scroll down to the Questions section of the page to review that donor's responses to any questions they were shown.

P2P Fundraiser records

When you access a P2P Fundraiser in the dashboard, you can scroll down to the Questions section of the page to review that fundraiser's responses to any questions they were shown.


When you're on the Donations tab, the Quick Export button in the top right allows you to specify which columns you'd like to export. There is a Questions checkbox in the list; if checked, the resultant export will include additional columns (labeled by Question Code) for each Checkout Question.

For more structured exports, you can use the Exports tab to make templated exports of Donations or P2P Fundraisers, and decide which Questions to include. 

CRM Integrations

Questions can be added to the comments on a Donation from the General tab of your Integration's settings, and can be mapped to specific fields in your destination CRM via the Mapping Rules tab.