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Using the Quick Export feature

Sometimes you just need a simple export of one type of data from Fundraise Up.


What data is exportable

In Fundraise Up, your donation data is organized into:

  • Donations (all individual donations),
  • Recurring (all recurring plans that schedule donations),
  • and Supporters (all unique people who've made one-time or recurring donations).
All three are exportable! Each have many datapoints you can choose from.


Manually running quick data exports

The Donations, Recurring and Schedule tabs all have a Quick Export button in the top right of the header bar; for Donations, there's an Export Donations button, and so on. 

The filters on each screen (campaigns, dates, statuses, and more) all apply to the Export when run, so make sure you've filtered the list of records appropriately prior to clicking the Export button. 

Once you click the Export button, you'll see a popup with the following, as shown below:

  • a list of all values available for export, with a Select All option at the top,
  • buttons to provide the export in either .xls or .csv format.
Export Donations

Clicking either the Download .XLS or Download .CSV buttons will start the download in your browser immediately!


Custom data exports

With our Exports tab, you can make Templates for frequently-needed exports, and either export those files ad-hoc or on a schedule. With scheduled files, you can even have those delivered dynamically to email addresses or sFTP servers of your choice. For instructions on doing so, visit our Using the Exports tab article.