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Using Virtual Terminal to process Donations

Use Virtual Terminal to process in-person, mail or over the phone donations. Give all of your donors the same experience and donor portal while centralizing your data and benefiting from recurring retention.


Enabling Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal can be enabled from its page in the Settings area. Once enabled, donations using card (and bank) info can be processed and modified right from your Fundraise Up account's dashboard.

Navigate to Settings >  Virtual Terminal , or click here

Organization Administrators, Campaign Administrators, Support Specialists, and Virtual Terminal Specialists can process donations in Virtual Terminal.


Processing Donations with Virtual Terminal

Once Virtual Terminal is enabled: Navigate from your dashboard to Donations. You will see a Virtual Terminal button on the right to start accepting in-person or over the phone donations. 

Shortcut: Press the "T" key to open Virtual Terminal

Users with the Virtual Terminal Specialist role will have the Virtual Terminal experience as their home page of the dashboard

Using Virtual Terminal 

The first step is to choose a Campaign to associate this donation with.

When setting the Campaign, the dropdown will show you the Campaign options, and you can type in the space to search for a Campaign. Hovering over a Campaign in the dropdown will show you the full name of the Campaign, in case it's too long for the horizontal space of the dropdown.

The options that are available on the selected Campaign (Designation, Custom Fields, Checkout Questions, Supporter additional information, etc) will also be available in the Virtual Terminal.

Virtual Terminal will autofill information of preexisting donors of your organization: 

Note: It is possible to add donations without an email address. However, this must be supported by your integrations with any other systems if the data is to flow properly.

Donor Receipt Email in Virtual Terminal

Preexisting donors: By default, the donor will receive the receipt email for the selected campaign. A PDF receipt will be attached to the email.  You also have the option to turn off email receipts. 


New donors: No donation receipt email will be sent. To send a donation receipt email to the donor, you must include the donor’s email address. 

Offline campaign: you may create a campaign fully dedicated to donations in-person or over the phone. No donation receipt email will be sent because the receipt email is turned off for the selected campaign.


Reviewing Donations made via Virtual Terminal

When you're on a Donation, if it was processed via Virtual Terminal, you will see a field labeled Processed By in the header area. There, you'll see the user that used Virtual Terminal to generate this gift on the donor's behalf!

Additionally, in the Donations and Recurring tab filters, you can click the More Filters button and then filter by Source to just show records made via Virtual Terminal.


Configuring extra Virtual Terminal settings

Once Virtual Terminal has been enabled, its Settings page will offer you extra options to customize the Virtual Terminal experience for your account's internal users. 

Setting a Default Campaign for your users when opening Virtual Terminal can be helpful, but please keep in mind that your users will still be able to change the donation to go towards any available Campaign in your account. This dropdown just controls what'll be pre-filled when they open checkout.

Similarly, if you have classic ACH enabled as a payment method on your connected Stripe account and in Fundraise Up, you can check the box to Allow ACH as a Payment Method for Virtual Terminal donations. This will offer the option for your users to enter the donor's routing and account number at time of checkout, instead of their credit or debit card information.

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 9.52.51 AM

Showing Additional Notes

If you check the box labeled Show additional notes during Virtual Terminal checkout, we'll offer you a rich text editor for entering and formatting notes, phone scripts, links, and more to appear for every user while entering donations via Virtual Terminal.

You can even add links that navigate within the Virtual Terminal page, for example, adding a link to https://dashboard.fundraiseup.com/virtual-terminal#vt-donation to auto-scroll one of your users to the Donation section of the Virtual Terminal standalone page.

For users with narrower browsers & smaller screens, the notes will appear inline in the checkout popup:

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 9.54.45 AM

And, for users with wider browsers & screens, the notes will appear alongside the checkout popup:

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 9.55.04 AM

Using Stripe's Radar feature to make CVC optional

The Virtual Terminal settings area offers a checkbox labeled Make CVC optional for credit card donations, which if checked, hides the CVC field by default during Virtual Terminal checkout. This can make life much easier for your users that enter donations on donor's behalf, especially for entering gifts solicited via mail-in forms, but before you check that box, follow the steps below!

Stripe offers a feature called Radar, which optimizes your security settings. Radar for Teams, the advanced tier of Radar, allows you to define your rules, and if you have that, it's possible to detect when Fundraise Up donations are coming from Virtual Terminal and not require CVC for those donations.

First, disable the "Block if CVC verification fails" standard rule.

Next, add a Radar rule that says Block if:

:cvc_check: = 'fail' and (is_missing(::customer:Source::) or ::customer:Source:: != 'Virtual Terminal')

Once you've done so, the Radar rules should look like this:

image (11)

At that point, you can check the Make CVC optional for credit card donations checkbox in Virtual Terminal settings and hit Save Changes, and your donation processing users should no longer have to provide CVC while entering Virtual Terminal donations.