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What FAQ tooltips appear during donation checkout?

In the Fundraise Up donation checkout, we show some small commonly-asked questions and their answers to help reduce support concerns.

You may have noticed that the Fundraise Up donation modal has a small built-in FAQ section, shown to the bottom right of the checkout pane in desktop view and at the bottom in mobile view.

Clicking on any of those questions will open up a relevant tooltip, showing the answer and providing additional context.

These questions are intelligently shown or hidden based on the settings of your account, as follows:

  • Is my donation secure shows in all cases, as all donations are secured via SSL.
  • Is this donation tax-deductible shows for any accounts which have both:
    • checked the boxes to indicate that donations are tax-deductible
    • and connected a Stripe account in a jurisdiction where donations can be individually tax-deductible.  
  • Can I cancel my recurring donation shows for any accounts which have both:
    • set the Recurring Receipt email templates to send
    • and enabled Recurring Plan cancellation via Donor Portal, to allow donors to cancel their own recurring donations.