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Which of my Elements is performing best?

If you need to know which Elements on your website are highest performing, you can use this guide to either create reporting or use your CRM's in-built reporting to rank your Elements by performance.

Fundraise Up has the ability to report on or sync out which specific Element was used when a given donation was made. This is useful when making end of year assessments to see which of your elements are working the best, so you can replicate that success.

CRM solution

If you are using one of our first-party CRM integrations, simply map the Element ID, Element Name, and Element Type fields to custom fields on the Donation object in your CRM. Once you've done so, you'll be able to use your CRM's reporting tools to group donations by Element ID, Name, or Type. 

Export solution

To begin, click the Exports tab in the top bar, then click the Templates tab on the Exports screen. Once you've done so, click on the New template button.

This will open the Export Template edit screen for your new template.

You can add a name to the template for future use in the Template name field.

In the Export type dropdown, choose Successful donations.

If your account has subaccounts and you want the donations of the subaccounts included, check the Include subaccounts box.

Next, click the File Columns Tab. We recommend adding the following fields (especially the ones in Bold):

  • Donation Date
  • Success Date
  • Supporter First Name
  • Supporter Last Name
  • Supporter Email
  • Campaign Name
  • Donation Amount
  • Element ID
  • Elment Type
  • Element Name
  • Any other fields you require

Once you have all your desired fields, click the Save changes button for your template, and you will be brought back to the list of all templates.

Click the Download icon to the right of your template name.

Important: Make sure you specify the desired date range. The longer the specified period the longer the file will take to create.

Next, Click Download.

Once the file is finished processing, your browser will create a CSV file, which you can open on your preferred spreadsheet application.

You now have a reusable donation report that includes the supporter information, how much they donated and what element was used to make the donation. For an updated sheet, simply redownload from the template you made, or set up the template to send you scheduled files. Using Filtering or Pivot Charts, you can see which Elements raised the most funds!

If your Operating System warns you that it cannot verify the developer of your CSV file, you can still click Open. This warning is a mistake on the part of the OS developer, mistaking the CSV file for an application proper.