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Why aren't cents or decimals on by default?

Fundraise Up brings the best of ecommerce strategies to the donation experience, and in most cases aside from number-specific pitches, whole number amounts perform better.

Out of the box, your Fundraise Up account is not set to allow donors to enter cents or decimal amounts for their donation amount.

This is based on ecommerce and retail research findings that tell us that a majority of online consumers choose rounded amounts over partial amounts, and academic research findings that tells us that rounded amounts produce feelings of rightness in a substantial number of consumers.

As such, while cents and decimal amounts can be enabled on your account by your Success Engineer, we highly recommend only doing so if you are running a particular promotion that provides incentive that overrides the general conversion boost you get from rounded numbers; for example, in a case your organization was founded in 1895 and you're running an anniversary drive where donors give 18.95.