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Why can't I change the email address of a donor in Fundraise Up?

You can change almost all information on Donations and Recurring Plans, but Email Address is not editable as it is our unique identifier.

There are many things that Fundraise Up does that are very unique that you won't find in other platforms such as dynamic machine learning-based checkout.

As Fundraise Up is not a CRM, the display of a Supporter shows the data used for a donor on their last transaction. Being a transactional platform, we show you what happened. While we do allow the modifying of constituent data to assist in syncing mismatches to the extent that we can, that is always a secondary goal; our primary goal will always be speed and ROI. 

So, Fundraise Up encourages you to build a best-in-class technology stack vs. an all-in-one approach for best results in your fundraising.

This means:

  • Connect Fundraise Up to a world-class payment processor where you own the data (vs. baked-in processing where you do not own the payment data or easily have access to it).
  • Use a CRM that meets your organization needs.
  • Leverage fantastic marketing platforms to maximize ROI.
  • There will be one single data point that ties all of these together.

In order to achieve maximum user-friendliness for admins and donors alike, the single data point that ties everything together is the email address; all transactions made with one email address are grouped.


Got it. So... why can't I change the email address?

This is because every platform has a different way of matching and merging data, and each platform places a different value on email addresses.

But the one that is consistent is that the email address is always unique across all platforms and cannot be confused with any other data point. In fact, it is the only unique identifier that all platforms "agree" on.

This means that the email address is the only thing that cannot be changed in Fundraise Up.

What do we do? How should email address change requests be handled?

First, be sure to update this information on the individual records in your CRM. Then, the donor should be sure to make future donations from that email address, so that they sync over appropriately.

You can edit the name, address, phone, etc. on a Donation at any time, but these edits stay in Fundraise Up unless you re-sync transactions historically.

For Recurring Plans, if you make edits to this data, it will push to your CRM (or other destinations) at the time of edit and in subsequent data syncs.

To get an existing donor a Recurring Plan with their requested Email Address, do the following:

  • Cancel the existing Recurring Plan that is tied to the old email address
  • Start a new Recurring Plan with the new email address
    • The donor can either do this themselves on the website.
    • You as an admin can do this for the donor via the Virtual Terminal in your Fundraise Up dashboard.
    • In either case, the payment details will need to be collected again from the donor for data integrity and security reasons.
  • When the transaction occurs, the new email and data will sync to your CRM as it normally would. How your CRM treats the new email address depends on your match/merge/duplicate settings in your CRM. It may create a new donor with the same name (but a different email address) or it may merge it with the previous email address if all other details have not changed (adding the new email address as secondary, or updating the old one).