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Why doesn't Fundraise Up provide annual giving summary receipts?

End-of-year giving summaries are intended to be a global reflection of an individual's total giving, not just Fundraise Up online donations.

In Donor Portal, each donor can download individual PDF receipts for each donation. These can be downloaded individually per-donation, or in zip folders containing each year's PDF receipts.

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 8.24.49 AM

The reason we offer these options, and do not offer a single PDF per-year with each donor's giving, is that Fundraise Up only knows about transactions and gifts that happen through Fundraise Up. As such, any annual summary of gifts that we could provide would be incomplete, as it wouldn't include gifts that happen outside of Fundraise Up (bequeathment, stock, checks, etc.)

Annual giving summaries tend to be better handled by your CRM, as donation-inclusive CRMs are designed to help you track all gifts from all channels over the year.

If you expect to be generating annual giving summaries for your nonprofit manually or via your CRM, we suggest:

  • adding some text to your Donor Portal to indicate when and how they can receive a separate annual giving summary receipt, and
  • adding explanatory text to your PDF Receipts to clarify when and how they can receive a separate annual giving summary receipt.