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Why is my Stripe payout transaction description cut off or missing the donor's name?

When the payout description is missing or cut off, you may want to consider shortening your organization's name in Fundraise Up account settings.

In your Stripe dashboard's payouts page, click through to Balance, then Payouts. The description will have the following format structure. 

* One time donation for [Org Name] via Fundraise Up - [Donor's name]

* Recurring donation installment for [Org Name] via Fundraise Up - [Donor's name]



You may notice sometimes the donor name is cut off or is removed like the following example. 

Example Issue


If this is the case, you can avoid this by shortening your organization name in ourAccount settings page of your Fundraise Up dashboard.


For more information about your account settings, please review our help section on Campaign and Settings.