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Will I lose my CRM integration mapping rules if I change the user account?

If you are connecting to the same CRM instance and the user has the same permissions, then your mappings will be pre-filled when you connect your new user.

Fundraise Up is able to save your current integration mapping rules if you ever need to change the user account that is used to integrate Fundraise Up to your CRM. 

For example, if a staff member account was disabled and you need to reconnect with a different user account, then the integration mapping should be saved and applied when you connect the new user.

However, if you are disconnecting from one CRM instance to a different CRM instance, then you would need to rebuild your mapping rules. 

Additionally, we do always recommend connecting a dedicated integration user so that disconnection and reconnection isn't necessary when staff reassignment happens, and so that it's easier to report on which records have been created or updated by that integration user.