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Working with Supporter data

Our Supporters tab is a great way to view contact info received from transactions, and to understand what data is available for exports and CRM Integrations.


Knowing what Supporters are and are not

When you go to the Supporters tab in your Fundraise Up dashboard, you'll see one row for every unique email address ever associated with a Fundraise Up one-time or recurring donation.

The contact information aside from email address will be that received as of their last donation, and that information (everything but email address) is editable on each donation. As such, the Supporters tab should not be considered a place to see of every set of contact information ever received, just the latest.

Given the above, it's best to think of the Supporters tab as a way to see your data, rather than a way to manage it. There isn't a need in Fundraise Up to manage the data on Supporters; if you have an external system for keeping a true canonical record for each donor, that is the system that should be used to perform deduplication and contact data maintenance.


Viewing a specific Supporter record

You can get to a specific Supporter from the Supporters tab, a Donation record, or a Recurring record. 

You cannot get to a Supporter record from the global search bar in the top navigation, as there are sometimes multiple viable Supporter records for each name. As such, to use the search to get to a Supporter record, it's best to search by email if you have it, click on a donation they've made, and then click on the Supporter's name from there.

On each Supporter's record, we show you the latest information we have for that unique email address, along with related lists of records also associated with that email address, such as Donations, Recurring plans, and Emails sent.

From the Emails list specifically, we offer the option to resend any past email we've sent them. When resending an email, you can direct it to either their email on file or a different one of your specification.


Using Supporter data elsewhere

We do offer the ability (via Zapier, exports, and CRM Integrations) to generate new records elsewhere based on new unique email addresses (aka Supporters), or to send along updates to contact information for records tied to already known email addresses.